Arizona Safe Boating Celebration

2004 Youth Poster Contest

Some of the action at the Poster Contest booth May 22, 2004

2004 District Winners
 6-8 Winner
Age 6-8
by Rademacher
 9-11 Winner
Age 9-11
by Aquino
 12-14 Winner
Age 12-14
by Nikolic

The photos below show the 2004 Youth Poster entries submitted from around the courntry
as they were presented at 2004 USPS® Fall Meeting, Jacksonville, Florida

 Ages 6-8

Ages 9-11

 Ages 12-14

2004 National Winners
 National Winner Ages 6-8
Age 6-8
by Ritchey
Rowayton, CT
National Winner Ages 9-11 
Age 9-11
by Gregg
Virginia Beach,VA
National Winner Ages 12-14 
Age 12-14
by Haflerson
Tacoma, WA

(photos by Greenstein, Schloeman and USPS)

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