Arizona Safe Boating Celebration
May 22, 2004
Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Activity Schedule


 Activities/Mini Classes
 8:00 AM  Fire Extinguisher  Monsoon Storms    
 8:15 AM  Safety Gear/Boat Size  Cleat Hitch    
 8:30 AM  Scuba Diver Education      
 8:45 AM  PWC Safety      
 9:00 AM  Drawing      
 9:15 AM  CO Poison  Anchoring  Boating Etiquette  Heaving Line
 9:30 AM  US Rep John Shadegg      
 9:45 AM  Sheriff Joe Arpaio      
 10:00 AM  Drawing      
 10:15 AM  Wakeboard Demo  Safe Fueling  Crew Communications  VHF Usage
 10:30 AM  AZ Sen Carolyn Allen      
 10:45 AM        
 11:00 AM  Drawing      
 11:15 AM  Buoy Class  Trailering  Ramp Etiquette  
 11:30 AM  RC Boats  Life Jackets  Teak Surfing, Heaters, Propane Storage
 11:45 AM        
 12:00 PM  Drawing      
 12:15 PM  USCG Helicopter  Skipper Saver    
 12:30 PM  Drowning Prevention  Safe Fueling    
 12:45 PM    Line Handling/Crew Responsibility/Maneuvering near Docks
 1:00 PM  Drawing      
 1:15 PM  Fire Boat Demo  Anchoring  Fire Extinguisher  
 1:30 PM  Scuba Diver Education  Boat Etiquette  Trailering  
 1:45 PM  CO Poison      
 2:00 PM  Drawing

 Life Flight Helicopter 2-3 PM
 2:15 PM  PWC Safety  Ramp Etiquette    
 2:30 PM  Life Jacket Demonstration in the Water    
 2:45 PM  Grand Prize Drawing      

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