Arizona Safe Boating Celebration

The 9th Annual Celebration
May 19, 2012
Lake Pleasant, AZ
8 AM to 12 PM

By Bill Johnson,
Photos by Werner

The Ninth Annual Safe Boating Celebration was joined with the Maricopa Parks Department Adventure Days this year. The Adventure Days event drew a large crowd that had to drive past our VSC booth to get to all of the other exhibitors.

The Maricopa County Parks department worked with us by allowing us to setup with free admittance in a very visible location. The boaters who came through the boat preparation area were very receptive and polite to our VSC examiners. A majority of the boaters wanted their boats checked.

The safe boating week celebrants—These members greeted many boaters and provided inspections of boats at Lake Pleasant. (from left) Bill Johnson, Ron Werner, Connie Johnson, Rose Werner, Jackie Wanta, Ron McNeil, and Terry and Jean Gray. Missing from this photo is John Lusson, who performed 12 inspections a week later.

Members Connie Johnson and Ron McNeil assisted in recruiting boaters to get their vessels inspected by Jackie Wanta, Jean and Terry Gray, Rose and Ron Werner and me. Every boat that went through the launch prep area was greeted by the squadron volunteers and informed of the Free Vessel Safety Check and the upcoming Phoenix Sail and Power Squadron, America's Boating Course (ABC) that started May 19th.

We also had the pleasure of giving away two children's life jackets to boater's that had children either needing a jacket immediately or when they grow a little more.

New life jacket—Jackie Wanta adjusts this life jacket on a young boater. It was one of two given to children at the 10-lane ramp during the Safe Boating Week Celebration.

Grateful boater—Ron Werner (with back to camera) explains the importance of safe boat operation to a boat owner with children before launch.

During the four-plus hours of the event, over 35 boats were inspected and some boaters learned important boating rules that they had not previously known. I personally was glad to learn that two of the boaters had stated they had taken a United States Power Squadron Basic Boating Course through our squadron-hosted courses. They still valued the information and lessons learned in class that has helped them in their boating to this day.

Personal Watercraft -- Ready for a fun day of making waves.

The PSPS Booth served as a focal point for the inspections that were provided the public on the 10-lane launch ramp.

On Saturday, May 26th, John Lusson went to the Lake Pleasant 10-lane launch ramp and completed 12 more inspections by himself. He was not available for the first Saturday of the Boating Safety week, but closed out the week with a bang. This brought the total Vessel Safety Checks to 51.

Even Fido—The safe boating celebration included every sort of vessel. The PWC’s above and Fido, below, came under the watchful eye of Ron McNeil.

Thanks to all who put forth the efforts to make boating safer in Arizona. Next year we need to make this event grow and attract more public as well as squadron member participation. The Parks department encourages us to provide more VSC's throughout the year.

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